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If you advised me during the height of the pandemic that this thirty day period I would have just released my debut solo album, I wouldn’t have thought you. In just a couple months, I went from accomplishing in Carnegie Hall to currently being pretty much not able to carry my still left arm up from my side, which could’ve been altogether averted experienced I identified much more about muscular health. 

As string gamers, we are in essence athletes. Our higher bodies are working the equivalent of a marathon each one working day even though we rehearse and execute. Lengthy-standing postural diversifications from an early age when our immature skeletal body is escalating, consequence (definitely in the case of violinists) in an asymmetrical improvement of muscular tissues. Having said that, we don’t often address ourselves as prolonged-length sportspeople, with heat-ups and downs not usually a priority immediately after intensive periods of taking part in. I experienced no notion that putting a pause on intense accomplishing for months would cause my very-skilled muscles to flounder and even start to realign in a new place, which was alien to my actively playing physique. It appears to be obvious now, but in advance of the pandemic I’d almost never experienced more than a week absent from my violin.


 As string players, we are basically athletes


The pandemic put an pretty much total prevent to my high-traveling, adrenaline-fuelled daily life, which was replaced with sedentary on the net instructing, podcasting, and hoping to hold myself driven and musically active in an fully new way. I spent lots of hrs everyday in entrance of a display screen, leaning ahead on my elbows and wrists, my neck unintentionally craned. This resulted in significant shoulder, jaw and neck ache and a decline of conditioning in my shoulder girdle, which caused a reduction of toughness and endurance in my posterior shoulder muscles. 

No longer being saved in good shape by enjoying, I was faced with muscular deterioration and a decline of motion assortment. It was terrifying. With the support of my amazing physiotherapist, Pippa Rollitt and a workforce of consultants, I was in a position to commence my recovery. 

Fortunately I am now back to peak physical health and fitness, but during my journey I realised that prehab is just as essential as rehab. Generally, hectic touring existence do not give a great deal place for disease or damage and we usually only investigate a challenge when more critical symptoms occur. As the indicating goes, avoidance is superior than heal, so it is my pleasure to share with you these tips for excellent muscular wellness as a performer: 

1. Consider time to heat-up prior to sitting down down to play for a rehearsal session.

Some light stretching and system movement, having heat arms and wrists and arriving in time to sense calm and concentrated.


2. Retain your muscles and tendons heat

I swear by Turtle Doves wrist warmers, having a smaller sizzling drinking water bottle when enjoying in a cold church, and if that is not feasible, placing an adhesive warmth patch on any regions of pain.


3. Incorporate muscular strengthening routines to stop injuries, which include things like:

Chin tucking and cervical aspect bending lying nod pectoral stretches working with a doorway and a latissimus dorsi stretch.


4. Attempt some comforting physio exercise routines to quiet muscular tissues soon after a long working day of participating in

Lying in supine placement, either on the ground or an acupressure mat and accomplishing deep respiration, or lying with a rolled up hand towel concerning your shoulder blades, whilst the head is supported with a pillow. This can be varied by relocating your arms over your head or placing them unfold-eagle design and style both aspect of you. I also extremely endorse preserving a little acuball handy to massage into areas of distress in the again and shoulders.

5. Choose incredibly hot baths with magnesium flakes

I consider to have 1 of these every evening or day, no matter the time – even at 3 am right after a late live performance and a excursion to the pub! It works wonders and relaxes the muscle groups, making certain a significantly far more restful sleep. I normally mix this with a short guided mindfulness work out.


6. Swimming

If attainable, this minimal effect, light training is fantastic to open up chest muscular tissues and to get some motion in the upper human body, and can be as intense or enjoyable as you like.


7. Consider a crack from performing

If this is a lot more than a number of weeks at a time, try to do a minimal mild playing each individual working day. Even 15 minutes of scales or working via a research is ample to retain your typical ‘playing’ muscle groups engaged, lessening the shock of heading back again into a occupied concert agenda.


8. Rest

Prioritising snooze is tricky there are often a lot more enjoyment matters to do, get-togethers to go to just after live shows, repertoire to prepare or everyday spouse and children everyday living to take care of. But for me, excellent sleep cleanliness and getting a minimum amount of 8 several hours a evening anytime attainable can make a enormous variance for repairing these fatigued muscles.


Accomplishing existence can be fast paced and annoying, and it always looks as if there is a thing much more critical to do than prioritise your self. I sense like a overall superhero if I can incorporate even one particular of these matters into my day or week, but when I do, it puts equally my brain and overall body at simplicity and I’m even a lot more prepared to experience the fascinating worries on the platform. 

Davina Clarke is a British violinist, internationally renowned in baroque and classical repertoire. She frequently performs with early tunes ensembles including the English Baroque Soloists, Orchestre Révolutionnaire et Romantique and the Academy of Ancient Tunes. Her new album, Sweet Stillness, is now accessible for obtain and to stream on all platforms listed here.


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