Oral Pathology in Kokomo

We use the term oral pathology to describe any potential abnormalities in the lining of the mouth, lips or throat.

Pathology refers to the process in which healthy tissues transform in some way to pre-cancerous or cancerous, but it can also explain a variety other less serious conditions.

At Kokomo Implant and Oral Surgery, we are committed to helping you maintain optimal health and well-being. For that reason, we take a proactive stance in the prevention, evaluation and treatment of oral pathology.

Potential Indicators of Oral Pathology

Some of the more common symptoms associated with pathological tissue include changes in the healthy, pink mucosa that lines the inside of your mouth.

This may include off-color patches that can range from white to dark read. If you develop a mouth sore that bleeds or that doesn’t heal within a couple of weeks, this indicates the need for medical evaluation.

Patches of thickening tissue or unexplained lumps should also raise a red flag. Finally, a chronic sore throat, hoarseness or difficulty swallowing may possibly indicate a problem.

It’s important to note that oral cancer is not a common occurrence. However, every incident of abnormal or pathological tissue requires prompt medical evaluation, to rule out the need for treatment.

Common Oral Pathology Treatment Approaches

Depending on your overall health and the type of pathology you may have, a variety of treatment options are available.

Unless the doctor can establish that your condition has advanced, the pathology will be observed for changes in the immediate future. If the condition doesn’t resolve in short order, oral surgery is the most effective way to treat any instance of pathology.

Of course, prevention is critical for avoiding problems. This means eliminating the use of tobacco products and alcohol, practicing good dental hygiene and having regular dental exams.

This is also the best course to ensure the early discovery of any oral pathology that may develop.

The Importance of Early Detection

When diagnosed early in the pathology process, patients have an excellent prognosis for full recovery.

Unfortunately, many pathologies don’t present with obvious symptoms until later in the process. In this case, early detection is the key to successful treatment.

One of the most important ways you can ensure your ongoing health is to conduct your own self-check at home each month. In conjunction with periodic professional oral cancer screenings, you can prevent unnecessary worry and problems by taking a proactive stance.

Contact our Kokomo, Indiana, office today to schedule your preventive checkup and cancer screening. Our experienced doctors will perform a thorough evaluation of your oral health and — most importantly — teach you the proper techniques for conducting your own monthly self-checks. We look forward to seeing you soon, to help preserve your health and well-being through periodic oral pathology screening.