Four Reasons To See a Pediatric Dentist

A trip to the dentist is enjoyed by some people and dreaded by others. According to a study published in the Washington Post, up to 75% of people are afraid of visiting the dentist. Kids may be especially prone to dental-related anxieties since they often aren’t sure what to expect.

There are many reasons to visit integrative pediatric dentistry Los Angeles CA. Pediatric dentists are experts with young patients and can walk them through their first few visits. In addition, they will check the teeth for cavities, encourage kids to develop good brushing and flossing habits and administer preventative treatments such as fluoride.

1. Encouragement and Support

Pediatric dentists know that kids can sometimes be afraid to visit the dentist. They will patiently explain the procedures to each young patient and provide an encouraging and supportive environment to learn. They will be available to answer any questions and explain the various tools and machines.

At the conclusion of the visit, many pediatric dentists will have stickers, toothbrushes or toys as a reward or completing the appointment.

2. Education About Brushing and Flossing

Since brushing and flossing are essential for keeping teeth healthy, kids should learn how to do both properly. When these habits are established at a young age, they often carry over into adulthood. 

Pediatric dentists are skilled at demonstrating these techniques to young people. They also have the right sized tools for the job, such as kid-sized toothbrushes and mirrors.

3. A Teeth Health Check

At your child’s visit, the pediatric dentist will perform a health check and look for cavities, tartar, loose teeth or other dental issues. If problems are found, the dentist can explain the problem (and the solution) in an easy-to-understand manner.

4. Preventive Treatment

Dentists use a variety of preventive treatments, such as fluoride rinses and deep cleans, to keep teeth strong. In fact, even kids as young as a year old can benefit from preventative dental care.

Pediatric dentists are specially trained in caring for young patients. Keep your kids’ teeth healthy by booking a visit to the pediatric dentist today.