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Summertime is correct all around the corner and below in Arizona, we choose “summer heat” to an solely new stage. It is a terrific concept to take pleasure in some form of training outside in the sunshine, but it is also significant to be risk-free when executing so.

When training in the scorching Arizona sunshine, it can increase your risk of damage, dehydration and, most dangerously, warmth exhaustion — which can be a healthcare unexpected emergency.

In this article are some guidelines to assure you can conquer your workout routines even though remaining protected:


Hydration, hydration, hydration and repeat — it is so vital to be continually hydrating and consuming h2o all over the working day. Water is very important for your overall body to transfer vitamins through and make certain right blood stream to your muscle mass. Make absolutely sure you have drinking water on hand when exercising outdoors. If your physical exercise routine finishes up staying 60-furthermore minutes prolonged, I endorse incorporating some form of sporting activities drink (Gatorade, Powerade, LiquidIV) for electrolyte replenishment and ongoing gasoline.

Not only ought to you focus on your h2o ingestion, but test incorporating hydrating foods these types of as melons, berries, cucumber or broccoli. Frequently talking, most fruits and veggies are largely produced up of water, so incorporating these are terrific for a sluggish-release hydration supply.

Temperature Forecast

Check out the forecast. Try to stay away from exercising in the course of the best time of the day. It is significant to test how rigorous the UV index will be and what total of sunscreen will be acceptable.

Last of all, test the humidity stage in the air. Humidity can make working out even extra difficult. It brings about your sweat to “stick” to your pores and skin, which can improve your inside body temperature. Try to exercising in the early or latter elements of the day when the sunlight is not as intense and humidity percentage is reduced.


Nothing is even worse than receiving missing on your operate or hike and drowning in abnormal heat. Attempt to system your route in progress — know in which to stop to use the restroom, often have water on hand and prepare ideal water stops.


Immediately after your training, it is crucial you adequately gas you. You want to replenish your sweat reduction and include restoration foods for muscle mass fatigue. I suggest consuming hydration-rich meals these types of as watermelon or cucumber, as effectively as electrolyte-replacements. Following performing exercises in the sizzling sunlight, it can direct to nauseating emotions and absence of hunger cues.

To tackle this, I advise using a cold liquid, these types of as chilly chocolate milk. Not only is chocolate milk a great resource of protein and carbs, but the cooling feeling you will come to feel when consuming this will enable to carry your internal main physique temperature again down.

The moment your entire body temperature is normalized, the nauseated thoughts leave and your hunger cues arrive back again. Check out incorporating food items with sodium in them as properly. Sodium is an electrolyte mostly dropped in sweat and is vital to control muscle mass cramping.

Know the indicators

Know when to go inside, specially right before it is way too late. Indicators of dehydration incorporate dark yellow urine, dizziness, dry mouth or eyes, typical exhaustion, immediate coronary heart price and muscle mass cramps.

Kristen Carli, MS, RD is owner and registered dietitian nutritionist at Camelback Diet & Wellness. Arrive at her at hold of.