How to Live More Eco-Friendly

Lately more and more people are buying things they actually do not really need. We eat more than we need and we are becoming more materialistic. This results in starving the planet. It becomes clear now for most people, that we have to become more environmental friendly in order to save the environment. What could you do to decrease your impact on the environment?

Start with small steps to reduce your impact on the environment

Some people could do it right away, but most people will have to get used to changes. So start with small steps. Separate your garbage into plastic, paper, glass, organic waste and other. Only use water that you need and do not use more products than you actually need. And if you do need a product, maybe you could buy it secondhand or swap items with neighbors, friends and family.

Go bigger with solar panels and wind turbines

You can also think of solar panels, exchanging gas for electrical items, or you could rent a (part of) a wind turbine and you could even place a wind turbine on your roof. Instead of heating your house, you can use blankets and thick sweaters to make yourself warmer. Jumping up and down works a lot as well, instead of turning on the heater. In addition to heating your house, you can also invite a group of people over. No need to turn on the heater anymore. And last but not least, you can also make a nice dish in the oven, so you do not have to use the gas and when you leave it open for a while, after the dish is finished, the heat of the oven will heat your kitchen as well.

Use glass bottles and refill your beauty products

Some people have found ways to live with the least impact on the environment as they can. They use glass bottles and jars and refill their food in the supermarket (some supermarkets offer cereals and other foods that you can refill). Some even make their own natural face creams, shampoos and shower gels, by using glass bottles and jars of In this way, you are not only protecting the environment, but you also protect your skin from chemicals that you probably never even heard of. The cosmetic bottles and jars are made in an eco-friendly way, with minimum impact on the environment. You can choose different sizes and shapes and you can even select the type of closure you are going to use.