A considerable number of people locally have teeth cavities. A cavity happens when your tooth breaks down or decays. The last thing you want to hear from your dentist is that your teeth have decayed. It can be bad news. However, you probably don’t understand the dangers of a tooth cavity or how you got there. A tooth cavity is a permanent hole that occurs in your tooth when bacteria in the mouth eat away tooth layers. It helps to distinguish facts from myths about tooth cavities. Identifying the two is vital for a brighter smile and a healthy mouth.

Sugars Only Cause Cavities

You have also probably fallen for this misconception that only sugary sodas and sweets cause teeth cavities. Sugar causes tooth cavities and decay because bacteria break down the sugars into acids that attack the teeth. However, what you don’t know is that you need to worry about other types of foods that cause a cavity. For instance, drinks and foods high in acid and sugar-free can cause teeth decay. The acid destroys your tooth enamel, exposing it to cavities and decay. You can prevent this by drinking water between your mealtimes.

Flossing and Brushing

The other myth that you could have believed in is that brushing and flossing are enough to fight cavities. The truth is that while brushing and flossing are essential, you need to go the extra mile. Several types of bacteria are responsible for causing cavities. Dental cavities are more about poor oral hygiene and ignoring dental visits. You should make it a habit to visit dentist parkland fl at least once or twice a year for check-ups and early diagnosis.

You Feel Cavities

One of the reasons why dental cavities become severe is that patients wait for too long to visit a dentist. It’s usually due to the myth that you will always feel a cavity. The truth is that sometimes cavities don’t have signs. Therefore, by the time you notice that you have a cavity, it’s at an advanced stage. That is why regular dental visits are essential.

Filling is Enough

The other common myth about dental cavities is that you can fill your tooth and forget about it. In reality, never ignore a cavity. Dental cavities require treatment from a dentist after examining the decayed teeth. After filling your tooth, you need to take care of it, rather than forgetting about it. Floss and brush and visit a dentist often.

Fortunately, you can take proper care of your teeth every day to prevent cavities. You should visit your dentist if you have a decayed tooth for treatment. Also, don’t allow the myths to misguide you.