According to Dermatologists, You Need to Get Rid of These Beauty Routines

Without realizing it, this beauty routine can have a bad impact on skin health. Maybe you have a regular beauty routine since you were a teenager. Even without the need to consult a specialist, you can deal with various skin problems, from blackheads, pimples, to irritation.

Beauty magazines and websites are a guide in choosing the right skincare product. However, have you ever thought that this habit can actually have a bad impact on skin health?

Here are 7 Vial Dermatology CRO guidelines, regarding daily beauty routines. Without you knowing it, this habit causes various skin problems. Even though you can’t solve it completely, at least you can avoid problems by eliminating the following routine.

Excessive Use of Acne Products

Using excess acne products can cause your skin to become dry. As a result, oil production increases and acne develops. Dr. Rebecca Kazin from the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery and The Johns Hopkins Department of Dermatology, explains that most acne medications cause dryness of the skin. Therefore, you are advised not to use anti-acne cleansing soap, but replace it with regular facial cleansing soap. In addition, it is enough to clean your face every 2 days, so that the skin does not produce more oil.

Facing the Sun Too Long

Not only the skin of the body, but the scalp is also vulnerable to ultraviolet rays. According to Dr. Kazin, he found a lot of patients who have problems with the scalp. He also explained that this can cause fairly severe diseases, namely skin cancer. If you plan to be out in the open for a long time, it’s best to wear a hat to avoid the UV rays. In addition, if using sunscreen is not safe enough, use an umbrella to protect your entire skin.

Wrong Applying Sunscreen

Applying sunscreen regularly following the SPF level alone is not enough to protect your skin. According to Dr. Craig Kraffert — a Dermatologist from California, United States — there are still many women who are wrong when applying sunscreen. In general, sunscreen is used before applying moisturizer. In fact, the product should be applied evenly after applying the moisturizer to the skin. Naturally, SPF products will not absorb into the pores but only stay on top of the skin layer. If you apply it before the moisturizer, not only will the exposure to ultraviolet light be blocked, but also the good benefits of the skincare product itself.

Solve Acne

Indeed, it is really annoying to see pimples that grow, especially on the face. Even though we already know the bad consequences, we still commit the “sin”. However, Dr. Kraffet always reminds patients to avoid this habit, especially before visiting a specialist. In addition to worsening the condition of acne, solving it also risks increasing problems in the skin tissue. Don’t want to, right, your face looks even worse?

Blending Skincare Originally

Not infrequently Dr. Kraffert discovered skin problems due to carelessly blending beauty products or skincare. Typically, patients try blending ingredients in anti-aging creams, such as glycolic acid and vitamin C with retinoid products. Unfortunately, this method actually becomes a morning boomerang for skin health. This blending causes the retinoids to become weak and unstable. As a result, the skin experiences irritation due to the combination of these ingredients. Dr. Kraffert said that the best mixture is glycolate with a moisturizer that contains retinol and antioxidants.

Aggressive Use of Scrubs

Nothing is more fun than doing skincare after a day of activities outdoors. Using scrub products is the easiest alternative, without the need to visit a beauty salon. However, dr. Joyce I. Imahiyerobo-Ip explained that exfoliating after a long sweat can cause the skin to become dry. Not only that, habits that are done too often are at risk for eczema skin conditions and even acne. Imahiyerobo recommends that you use facial cleansing products that contain lactic acid for a lighter exfoliation process.

Ignoring Eye Cream Products

Many think that eye-cream products are just a complement to a series of facial care products. Well worn, no problem either. However, this opinion contradicts the opinion of dr. Julie Russak, Dermatologist from New York. He explained that eyes have skin 10 times thinner than other skin, and show signs of aging faster than other parts of the face. Therefore, you are advised not to neglect eye-cream products in your morning or evening routine.