9 Makeup Tips for Skin Over 50

9 Makeup Tips for Skin Over 50

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“The good thing about makeup is that there are no rules for any woman of any age,” says celebrity makeup artist and aesthetician D’Andre Michael. His advice is to embrace aging “and just focus on enhancing your features and beauty.” While there are no rules set in stone and makeup is, at its best, a vehicle for self-expression, the way your makeup goes on and appears at age 50 is different than at age 20—it’s a simple fact of life.

Celebrity makeup artist Sandy Linter says aging women have concerns about their skin, not that this is anything shocking. “They can see people looking at them and noticing all the problems—the wrinkles, the bags, the sags.” However, the makeup artist wants to remind people that 50 is not old, “as a woman over 70, I can tell you from my heart.” While 50 is still a young, vivacious age, your skin is different, and the way makeup sits has shifted. To help you adjust your routine, experts share their best tips on how to approach makeup once you’re over 50.

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Prep the skin before applying makeup

Celebrity makeup artist Ermahn Ospina says, “One of the most successful makeup tips at any age, in order to achieve that smooth, glowing radiant look, is prepping the skin before any makeup application.” He suggests setting the stage with Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Serum ($140), which “hydrates and strengthens the skin encouraging a more youthful appearance.”

He then follows the Shiseido serum with the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream ($100), which was recommended by both Ospina and Michael for its anti-aging, collagen boosting, wrinkle diminishing, plumping abilities.

9 Makeup Tips for Skin Over 50
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Be detailed when it comes to your eyebrows

“As you age, your eyebrows have a tendency to become unruly and thin, you start to lose the tail, and you get gray hairs,” explains Michael. “So the goal is to maintain the natural shape of your brows as a well-defined brow, which will lift and open your eye and frame your face, giving you a younger look.”

To achieve this, Michael suggests doing “light feathered strokes” and filling in the entire brow, then using a clear brow gel to set them. He recommends the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz ($23) or NYX Makeup Professional Micro Brow Pencil ($11).

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Update your look

Linter suggests continually updating your hair and makeup look as you age to suit your current appearance. The lipstick that looked perfect on you in your 40s may not be the best option for you now, so test out some new products.

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Stick to matte or soft shimmer eye shadow

When it comes to people over 50, Michael says he prefers matte and soft shimmer eye shadows. He advises against high gloss, bold shimmer and frosted eye shadow options as they tend to accentuate wrinkles more.

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Remember less is more

According to Ospina, when it comes to makeup on over 50 skin, less is more. He adds that this is especially true during the summer months, so consider dialing down your makeup application. “With women over 50, the more you try to hide your flaws, the more you bring attention to them,” notes Michael.

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Choose the right eyeshadow shade based on your complexion

Eyeshadow colors are not one size fits all. Michael says the best eyeshadow shade for you depends on your complexion. He advises that those with a warm skin tone stick to green, brown, pink and gold; cool skin tones should opt for blue, gray, silver, pink and peach; dark skin tones should select brown, black and deeper colors.


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Take advantage of advances in cosmetics

With the advances made in cosmetics, there are plenty of makeup products specifically formulated for mature skin. Linter advises people to pay attention and take advantage of these advances.

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 Try a smokey eye

“A lot of women don’t know how to use eyeshadows or do creative things with them, and after 50, you don’t want to go too crazy on the shadow,” says Michael. When in doubt, he advises turning to a smokey eye. Doing this offers a bold yet youthful look. The key is to blend and use complimenting colors. You can use browns, deep browns, blacks and even colored shadows such as blues, greens, ambers, etc.”

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Maintain healthy skin

Makeup looks so much better on a canvas of healthy, clean skin, so for better makeup application, ensure you’re caring for your skin. “Women over 50, please take full advantage of a great dermatologist,” advises Linter. “Ask questions. Don’t depend on the internet for the answers. Make an appointment with a dermatologist and ask the questions.”

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