Maximum Clean Skin with These Facial Cleaning Tricks

If all this time you have thought that cleaning your face is just using water, using a face wash, and then drying and finishing, then your thinking is arguably not quite right. Yes, some of the steps above are not wrong, but actually cleaning your face is not that simple.

Facial skin is a place for the accumulation of dirt, dead cells, traces of makeup, or anything that makes the skin look dull. Try to imagine, if only with water and a face wash, can these problems disappear in an instant? Of course not!

Therefore you need to take some additional steps to clean your face to get maximum results. Here are some tips for cleaning your face properly which are certainly easy for you to do.

1. Always Clean Your Face During the Morning and Night

After a full day, you do various activities, it is not impossible that oil and sweat can accumulate on your face, you know. Therefore, it is very mandatory for you to always clean your face at night so that all dirt does not stay on your face and invites problems.

In the morning before doing activities, you also have to repeat the same thing, namely cleaning your face again. This aims to remove all dirt before the face is prepared again to wear make-up and skincare during the day.

2. Use a facial cleanser according to the type and needs of the skin

You always need to remember, choosing a face wash product is very important because it can affect the benefits and impact you get. Try to adjust facial cleansing products to your skin type and get recommendations from the dermatology clinical trial site to guarantee your health.

Also, always consider all the ingredients in a face wash product before you end up buying the product. Don’t choose the wrong choice, your face is far from healthy and invites many other skin problems.

3. Always pay attention to the water temperature for facial skin

Do you know? Not only does the selection of face wash products affect your facial skin because it turns out that the temperature of the water you use also contributes to facial skin health.

According to some beauticians, the hot temperature of the water risks damaging the delicate tissues on the facial skin and widening the blood vessels. Facial skin will also dry more easily because the oil layer has been eroded by the heat from the water.

So, you Ladies need to pay attention again to the temperature of the water before you finally wash your face.

4. Do not Wash Your Face Too Often

Maintaining facial hygiene by washing your face is indeed a very important thing. But this doesn’t mean you can wash your face as much and as often as you want, Ladies.

Washing your face too often doesn’t make your face very clean, you know, but instead, it has the risk of causing dry and irritated skin. If your facial skin is dry it will make your skin produce excess oil.

So, do this properly, twice a day. The important thing is not how often you wash your face but how you wash your face with the right steps and methods.