Grinz Orthodontics: 5 Tips to Find The Best Orthodontist For You!

Did you know that an orthodontist and a dentist are not one and the same? Yes, they both go to medical school and learn about the healthcare connected to the oral cavity, but they both have different jobs. See the difference on this link.

They offer different services. When you have cavities, you go to the dentist, but when you need braces, you go to the orthodontist. This is the person that is going to take care of the problems with braces, teeth whitening, bridges, decay, and many other things.

Finding the right orthodontist is not an easy thing. There are tons of practices in every city, especially the bigger ones. For example, living in Greensboro, give you access to dozens of these practices. It’s up to you to choose where you’re going to go.

In this article, we’re going to go over some of the most important tips that will make you choose the right deal. Keep on reading and learn what you need to do before making the final choice.

1. Open the map and search for nearby orthodontists

When you go to the grocery store, you’re not traveling tens of miles for a particular store. You’re going to a place that’s located near you. It’s the same with almost anything in life. Going to the orthodontist shouldn’t be a burden. You need to find one that’s close to you.

For this, you need to open the map on the internet and search for orthodontics near me. This is going to provide a list of practices that are dealing with orthodontics. Seeing who’s the closest to you is the first step toward finding a perfect place for the job.

Just think about having a complex procedure and going home by bus. It’s not the best feeling in the world if you can allow everyone to see you with a swollen mouth, is it? It’s best to visit a nearby practice and get home within minutes.

2. See who’s the most experienced

With all the technology nowadays, it’s easy to be successful and good. However, orthodontics is still something that requires lots of experience and skill. Yes, the computer will tell you what’s best for a particular situation, but it’s not perfect until a doctor sees the actual situation and realizes what must be done.

Some cases are not falling under the statistical rules. The computer will give you perfect measurements and will tell you exactly what must be done, but they are not going to see if something is troubling the doctor. Implementing braces requires insight observation and seeing how the actual problem must be fixed. Experience is the number one in all lists. See about it here:

3. Read online reviews

Online reviews are the best way to find out who’s doing a great job, and who needs to be taken off the list for possible places to visit. Orthodontists are working for a long time, and most practices already had tons of patients.

Depending on how satisfied these people were, the reputation of the place will be higher or lower. You need to find those with the highest reputation around you.

The importance of this lies in the fact that reputation equals good service. If you’re working on whitening, you want to see the results be perfect and last long enough. If you manage to find a great doctor, that will do a perfect job, your treatment can last up to three years.

If you opt for a place that has a poor reputation, you might need to do it again in three months. Now, teeth whitening is not too expensive, but why spending money over and over again if you can do it at a place that has a great reputation and wait for three years to do it again?

Always opt for practices that have a perfect reputation. The online reviews from patients who had the chance to visit them will tell you who’s great. Only visit those who are outstanding, and avoid those who are not.

4. Ask if they have what you need

It’s worth mentioning that not every orthodontist will do what you need. Some of them are experts in braces, but they don’t do bridges. Others have mastered the art of teeth whitening, but they are not handling tooth decay.

You should be asking those who seem excellent for you if they provide these services. Are they going to do the job you need? This is crucial to know because it’s the first step toward finding out if they are skilled and experienced in it. Some doctors are better at a particular job, and others are not even performing it.

5. Does insurance cover them and pricing

This is valuable information because it can save you a ton of money. In most cases, the insurance isn’t covering orthodontics and their procedures. However, some types of insurance plans might so. You should check with your insurance company if they can handle the problem.

If they tell you that they do cover orthodontists, then you need to find one or more practices that are working with your insurance. If you can save on this, then you need to know where to go. If you have more options, you’ll check the experience and reputation of those that you have in mind. For example, Grinz Orthodontics accepts all major insurance plans, and you can see what is covered through them.

If your insurance isn’t covering anything, you need to compare prices between various orthodontic clinics. Those who enjoy an excellent reputation will charge more. It’s up to you to make a price evaluation and see what works best for you. You need to do a price comparison and find out who offers the best value for money.


Before making the final choice, it’s crucial to research thoroughly. These five points from above are going to be highly helpful for this. There’s no need for making rushed decisions. Take your time and spend some time behind the keyboard.

If you locate the perfect choice for you, be sure that you’ll enjoy the treatment. On the other hand, the poor choice will feel like carrying a huge burden when going to the orthodontist.