The analysis to be performed is the analysis of the area where the hair follicle will be removed in the head of the person, the examination of the healthy quality of the hair follicles and the width of the area to be transplanted occur during the hair analysis.

The width of the bald area should be clearly determined in the hair transplant analysis, and everything should be clarified during the analysis. No other change can be made during hair transplantation, except for minor changes. For example, in hair analysis, it is decided to remove all of the hair to be removed for hair transplantation, and hair transplantation is not taken from another part of the body during hair transplantation and hair transplant turkey is not continued.

The analysis made before the hair transplantation is the most important factor affecting the process that is carried out in the priority of every stage during the hair transplantation and that constitutes the continuation. During the hair transplantation analysis, all details are discussed and whether the hair follicles are sufficient for the open part is the most important detail in the hair analysis, the quality of the hair follicles is very important for the hair transplantation. It is determined during the analysis that the hair follicles are transferred to the section where it is sufficient to be sufficient in a single session. In the most important detail made during the hair analysis, it is determined whether the hair follicles are sufficient for the hairless area and whether a single session is sufficient. The causes of hair loss are determined during the hair analysis and it is also understood whether the hair loss continues or not. While hair loss is continuing, hair transplantation is performed. Additional sessions are required for hair transplantation. It should be discussed beforehand that there may be additional sessions.

Quality hair transplantation starts with talking everything during the analysis and the most correct person should be told in the hair analysis. In some people, it will be obvious that hair transplantation cannot be done after the hair follicles are very weak during the hair analysis. Although such situations are not frequently encountered, it may be encountered in people at the age of 70 and above. This situation is not common, some people may need hair transplantation after 70 years of age and may be suitable for hair transplantation. In such cases, it occurs after hair analysis. Hair analysis for hair transplantation is of great importance.