This is a very common question that is put forward to the hackers. The answer most commonly is movies like the War games, Hackers, The Matrix and many more. Now with changing trends, the hacking has inspired many movies that are being released.

Hackers do epic stuff and they are a great source of inspiration and motivation to the movie as well as the comic industry. There are several reasons why people are forced into hacking. It could be financial, ideological, and political reasons.

  1. Hacking is a hobby for most of the hackers. It is done for fun, to feel the thrill. Most of the hackers get instant gratification on doing so. The important aspect is it is very much addicting.
  2. Hacking could be done to steal the data. The data stolen could be used for monetary gain, or just to satisfy their stealing desire. This is an example how it has been a perfect tool to hack pixel gun 3D.
  3. To decrease the popularity of a game, hacking is commonly done. By this the website would be shut or brought down. The malicious software can turn out to be a threat to the software and cause potential damage.
  4. Leaking information from a website of a particular game is another reason why hacking is done commonly. The hackers then leak on or spread the information to other game developer websites for a ransom and earn monetary benefit.
  5. Hacking is most commonly done for monetary benefits. Hacking being most common with the youth and with hacking it is earning quick money, many hackers resort to this for quick benefits.

Hacking is more of a psychological disorder. It is a threat to the gaming industry and the society as well.